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Who are BPV and Midia?

Biotehnološki park Varaždin d.o.o. (BPV) is a special purpose company set up in Zagreb, Croatia by the Midia Group of Companies to develop Varaždin Park.

Midia is a Swiss-based Group which has been successfully operating in Croatia for several years, drawing upon twenty-five years of real-estate development and investment experience in Europe.

Midia has been geographically focused on investment opportunities in the European Union and mainland Europe, and is now seeking to continue its success in the Southeast Europe.

The Group specializes in both public- and private-sector property development and investment. It has been particularly successful in delivering major national regeneration and job creation projects in Europe.

With a proven track-record of working closely in partnership with the public sector, Midia is expanding its portfolio of large commercial developments which include leisure, retail, industrial, office and mixed-use sustainable urban developments.

A combination of experience with a dedicated team of designers, consultants and advisers means Midia and BPV are able to deliver major, complex developments.